A question’s thought to an Insight


‘Uncertainty’, what can I say?

How  you slide your way

Into my times! Are you a blessing or a curse?

For, your blessing helps me survive

While your curse leaves me alive

in sheer pain awaiting scars. I tell you this!

My love is my bliss.

Its many shades do not steer

me away from the one Cheer

it continues to bring within, Life in itself!


By Ellaine,16 Aug 2019                                                                                                                          Ellainedreams@gmail.com


Wisdom,a dumb friend’s expressions

I, once in a while, try to contemplate what wisdom is. It is often perceived to be a lesson in the curriculum of Time’s course. However, over the years through my personal experiences and life, i have realized wisdom is attained in moments, experiences, days , heart break, ecstasy and much more….

Wisdom is a dumb and loyal friend. One could say, sometimes it is like that student in almost every class who is bright and balanced, mostly has right answers but either goes mute in the subtle noises and chaos of the class or has a voice too feeble , often unheard or lost when in a group of people.

20180218_184216Applying the above thought process to our everyday life, as we grow through our childhood and are exposed to a broader set of emotions, people and experiences through time, in other words, get older;Our self that we have lived with so far; that has helped us grow;introduced us to love, faith, perseverance to find answers to what intrigues us regardless and the like, becomes Distant……………. (all the qualities we often find in small children if observed, in their own way).


We tend to put away some of the most important lessons learnt from our self in a frame named, “Innocence”(the years of “apparent innocence”  where anything  joyful, sad, alarming etc… does not deter love, appreciation, self-acceptance,sadness and a sense of inquisitive wonder regardless)  and separate it as a mere mild  emotion despite it being a very strong part of us.

Exposure to different emotions, people, experiences increase by the day, Definitions are framed, a lot of them!!! Definitions of success, good, bad, weird, relationships etc…

The world expands….

Becomes noisier with opinions or judgement and validations;;

Harder with expectations, consequences and liabilities;;

Blurred with increasing dynamics of relationships, emotions and their astonishing ability to consume and affect;;

Grey with too many rights and wrongs at once, changing dynamics of the infinite definitions everyday in the eyes of the world around us .

With all of the above and more,  colliding with each other, fortunately or unfortunately, many a time, it becomes harder to look within before we succumb to certain emotions and hence the actions that are lead from them.


Wisdom is a combination of courage, strength, hope, perseverance, patience, impatience and so much more. What makes it important and necessary at all times and ages is its ability to composedly choose which emotion to act upon most of the times.  Mistakes of course are a part of life but we all try our best to be right until we learn otherwise…it feels worth it to be able to look back a normative path best tried…..

Here at this place, expressions of wisdom shall be shared through experiences, tales, thoughts, parables etc….

Let’s sit by here for a few moments to ponder and breeze through wisdom and its many expressions of perspectives.

I hope this place introduces you to a good time with moments of insight that you feel worthwhile being a part of….

I of course shall be honored to have you here and hope to share, know, spend time, learn more from you and hope to give you a good and insightful time.

Please comment your views and perspectives:):):)…..